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Negative Cash Item


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we would really love to use Loyverse as our POS System for our Concert Venue, but the problem is, that we are working with deposits on our glasses and bottles, and i can@t figure out how to deduct the money for returned glasses and bottles.

Is there a chance to integrate a deposit system, otherwise we need to look for another POS.



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At the moment we do not have an option as items cannot have negative prices, you could try using modifiers and give them negative prices for the returned glasses

How to set up and apply Modifiers

We now have an API to connect Loyverse with different software 

I recommend checking out our API club on this link

Loyverse API Club

You can check this post as well early access to API

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We have the same issue. If we can make items negative for the deposites for glases, we can use the POS system. It's very nice and very suitable for our volunteers! I'd realy like to use this system but that's only possible with the refund system, and therefor with negative amount

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