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What hardware are you using?


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I own a small café/coffee shop in the US and am transitioning from a single cash register to a full POS system.  I need to select my hardware.  I have been researching hardware options, but am finding myself unable to make a decision on which hardware to buy; so I am reaching out to Loyverse users seeking your advice on the pros/cons of the hardware you are using. 

This is what I am trying to accomplish with my hardware:

-I need to be able to print a customer receipt. 

-I need to be able to have either a second receipt or an order ticket for my staff to fulfill orders.  I don’t know if that is best accomplished by printing 2 receipts from the same printer or by using both a receipt printer and a kitchen printer.

-I need a tablet to use for orders (I am currently getting familiar with Loyverse on my husband’s Samsung tablet).  I am used to using Android/Windows based computer technology, but am open to Apple if it makes sense to convert. 

-I am unsure whether or not I need a customer display.  I have a VX520 credit card reader and use Worldpay.  Would the Loyverse software ask for a customer signature and I can turn my screen around for the customer to sign?  Will my credit card reader print a receipt as well if connected to the Loyverse software/hardware?

-I may be interested in taking mobile orders and mobile receipt printing as well in the future, so any feedback on that is appreciated.

-I need a tablet stand for whatever device I purchase. 

-I need a receipt printer and cash drawer.  I want a normal sized cash drawer, not the compact style like the Star mPOP.  I think I want ethernet because I am concerned about issues with connecting to wifi that I have read about in reviews.  Advice is appreciated.

-Am I missing anything?

I am wondering what hardware you chose and why, from what vendor you purchased, and whether or not you are happy with your choices.  I appreciate any information and advice you are able to provide. 

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