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Can two different customers have the same email?


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No, it is not possible to add the same email to different customers. The email must be unique for each customer.

If you add a new customer with the same email as an existing customer, the existing customer will “disappear” from the system.

This means that the data of the old user, such as:

-First visit

-Last visit

-Number of visits

-Total amount spent


will appear in the profile of the new added customer. And you will not be able to find old customer anymore with the old name.

So adding a new customer with the same email as an existing customer, we can say it is the same as editing the profile of the existing customer. The name, number and notes will be changed to the new ones, but all other information such as First visit, Last visit, Visits, Total spent and Points will be the same data of the old customer with this email address.

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