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Which is the fastest way I can deactivate a whole category?


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Hello Suzan,

The fastest way to mark all items that belong to a category as "not available for sale", so they will not appear in the sale screen, is to use the export/import function (https://help.loyverse.com/help/importing-and-exporting).

You have to follow these steps"

1-Go to your Item list in your Back-office and filter the category you want to deactivate.
2- Export this category in a CSV file


3-Open this file using Google sheets (https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-open-csv-file-google-sheets)
4- In the column "Available for sale" specify the character "N" for each item.

5-Download the file as CSV and import it back to your Back-office.

And that's it! You have deactivated a whole category without the need to go to each item of this category one by one and mark it as "Not available for sale"

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Hi all, anybody know if it is possible to turn off a category so it does not display it's contents in a search and keep it for when needed?

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