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New Option For close Shift

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I assume end shift vould be use for end of the day or maybe whoever in-charge of store have accounted the money and stock.

example; for cafe or fastfood chain, an food item may not be refund after the next day or a few days later. Even for electronic item, company from different country have different refund/return policy. 

The other problen may face is cash drawer may not have enough physical cash to refund from the drawer.

 it can also prevent thef from internal stuff who keep refunding previous day transaction.


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Can we add a feature where at the end of a shift, loyverse asks us to enter the breakdown of all the cash in the drawer. From here it gives me a total in the drawer which should be subtracted from the open shift amount and give you a take home amount. This will help me keep track of what cash is staying in the drawers to ensure I can monitor staff and give me accurate totals rather than counting seperate and entering a value which can cause mistakes. 

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I would really like to have a "shift" type feature that allows a day to be specified past midnight, that is viewable in Back Office and Dashboard. What I mean by this is: Our bar/cafe is open for example from 6pm to 1:30am on Colombian Standard time. When analysing sales, costs etc. in Back Office, I have to look at the late part of the day i.e from 6pm to 11:59pm then subtract the previous sales from midnight to 1:30am. I then have to look at the following day from midnight to 1:30am. to compare loyverse's sales with the shift for the day. We have looked at changing out time zone settings, but then all the receipts are out by 2 or more hours.

If we were able to view sles by shift, in Back office buy just entering start of shift and end of shift. I understand that there is the ability to enter a custom time start of one day and a custom end to the next day, but this only displays the total saled for that day, not hour by hour in Backoffice. 

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