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Since we have many outlets, how do we log in the device without using the owner's email?


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The initial login has to be done with an authorized email account.

That would be to register the device as a POS device on the account.

After that, you can use a PIN to login to the account.

You can create the various users and assign PINs to them in the back office.

Hope that helps!

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I think Employee Management feature offers the best solution in your case. If you subscribe to this service you can add employees to your account and you can give your employees the access right to enter the app with their own email address, without the need to use the owner's email address.

If you would like for your employee (Manager, Administrator or other) to be able to login in the POS with his/her email, you need to make sure that it is enabled in his/her role in the Back office → Manage POS devices option 


Then the employee will receive instructions by email how to create his/her account connected to your account. Make sure that the email is indicated in the employee card. Or, if the employee have already created his/her account, then he can try to login to the POS.
You can check out the following article for more details: https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-give-employees-access-login

Using Employee Management offers a lot of benefits like:

-Manage employee’s access to sensitive information and functions

-Track each employee’s sales performance and make informed business decisions.

-Check employee efficiency

-Identify any cash discrepancy at the end of the shift and track employees’ inaccuracy or manipulations.

You can learn more about Employee Management feature in this link:  https://loyverse.com/employee-management


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