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Is it possible to create automatic combo sales?

Jack CHK

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Is it possible to create an algorithm so that we create an automatic combo sale for customers as follows:- 

If x buy 1 pastry P + 1 product X  he pays specific product Z at special price instead of normal price? Like when we buy a meal from MCDo


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Kia Ora,

Has a combo feature been developed since these posts in 2018?

We are a food manufacturer and sell our dips at Food Shows in combination packs... but sometimes people want to alter their "Trio of dips" to have combinations other than one of each. The dips have different prices ($6.50, $6.50, and $5.50), so I don't think we can easily use the modifier as described above... and there are 27 different combinations, so listing each combination separately would be pretty complicated! 

Other than a manual $ discount (which could also get quite confusing), I'm not sure how to set this up?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated! 


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