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The barcode starts with 0 (zero) in the item will be removed in the exported Excel.


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When I export the item list in Excel, I just notice that if the barcode starts with 0(zero), the first digit 0(Zero) is removed in Excel.  

For instance, if a bardcode is "0234567", if appears as "23456" in exported Excel. If I edit other information beside a barcode, the barcode is replaced with the number without 0(zero).

Does anyone know how to download a barcode without missing 0(zero) or anyway not to edit the bardcode if I import Excel file?



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Every digital table system inculude excel, doesn't recognize the '0' as the biginning number. I mean if you try to type '0333' then It will show only '333'

So you can try to make barcode as the text. but what I recommand you is "try not to start barcode with 0." It is the most simple way. 

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