Time Card Update

We talked - you listened......... Thanks for the recent update. Ive asked in live chat if this could be slightly improved on. It would be great to see "Break Start" and "Break Finish" buttons there also to keep track of breaks/rest time. Also, in the back office i see you can manually adjust time cards, but only start and end time together. It would be helpful if you could manually adjust either time individually. I do this if a staff member has forgotten to clock in or out. Additionally i notice the total hours worked coloum counts every minute into its total. eg, Clock in 09:48AM clock out 05:05PM = 7.28hrs. Realisticly the shift is 10:00AM till 05:00PM = 7 hrs. If the system could round up to nearest1/4 hour, this would make it more accurate. Other than that, another great update.

I would like this because in California, we need by law to register paid and unpaid breaks.
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It is interesting request regarding break start/break finish. How is it different from clock out before the break and then clock in again after the break? In that case guess the worked hours shoud be counted correctly. Or it is a matter of convenience/special report on breaks? It looks like I am able to edit start and end time individually. But it is not possible to save timecard with missing clock in or clock out time.
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