Ticket redesign

It would be interesting to be able to redesign the tickets by the user


I have also requested previously that fields should be switchable for inclusion on the receipt.  The ability to add UPC, SKU, Category may be important to a store to help with providing the best info and making returns and exchanges easier.  As it stands now, you have to really pack too much info into the description field when you rely on that field as the only one that prints.

Not everyone needs that level of detail so it should be selectable in the receipt config area.  Receipts should also include a rework of discounts.  Discounts should print at the item level, not for the whole ticket. It is too confusing for everyone to understand how discounts apply to items when it does not print that way.

Ideally, this would also facilitate sale pricing where Loyverse adds sale price functionality with the ability to bulk set sale prices by time/date window or at the very least provide the ability to discount an item by a set amount, not the entire ticket only (take $2 off a single item).  When the receipt prints it would show regular price, sale price and amount saved on receipt, like the big stores do! 



Use of templates for the ticket and customize the header and footer with embedded html.

Divide the ticket into different sections that can be ordered, customized and enabled / disabled.

Use of selectable GUI themes Including also the ticket format.

Maybe some of those ideas can be implemented easily ... hopefully


Could you give more detailes how would you like to redesign the tikets and how this would be helpful for you?


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