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Found 15 results

  1. How to Print Daily Closing Report (Shift Report) on the Receipt Printer
  2. Is there any feature allowing us to export or print the shift report (Z-report) from either the POS app or Back office? We don't have a receipt printer, so that is not an option unfortunately. ( https://help.loyverse.com/help/shift-report-sales-summary-pos )
  3. The shift report does not account for Credit Card sales. Nothing in Loyverse tracks Gift Card as a tender The shift report needs these elements to be effective.
  4. It is possible to see the shift report when the option ‘Use shifts' is switched on in the General Settings in the Back Office.
  5. Payment with Credit Card does not show up at the Shift Report?  Yes, it does show up at the back office, but it is important to be included at the daily shift report.
  6. I own a club and our open hours are 05:00pm to 05:00am. How can I see the report for this period in my back office?
  7. I've just closed my first non-test shift in the app. I've discovered some things that need to be corrected in the data. Is it possible to re-open the shift to edit the data, or to somehow make an adjustment?
  8. Dear community, I would like to put a password for daily report and Shift on the device that I use for sale. The reason is prevent the curiosity from employees who want to know your income. Really thankful for yours help! Vinh An TRan
  9. Plz add journal entry ledger for we can do cash credit and debt also plz add the feature for we can see cash on hand and how much amount is showing the whole total after closing the shift
  10. We run a bar and alcohol partners like to give our employee’s bonuses based on the sales of certain items per shift. They want to be payed on the spot and we need to first go it to the back office. Not all employee have access to the back office and we would like to keep it that way. What I want to do however is print the sales by item results of a shift right on a shift report. Is it possible to get that feautere in a future update ? 
  11. Is there a way to correct the sum of the shift which was entered wrong by cashier before ?

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