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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, I have connected my android tablet to a barcode scanner with OTG cable. Works fine and happy with it :-).... But how can I charge my tablet while using the barcode scanner? I've tried several adapters but nothing works. Please help. I have already bought 24 android tablets and 24 scanners but I didn't foresee this problem would occur. Thnks Pieter
  2. Hello, I am planning to use the software with a Lenovo Tab with 2 Gb RAM. Would it be compatible?
  3. Talha

    How to add Dpp 250 bluetooth

    Hi I am not able to add dpp 250 printer can someone please guide me how to
  4. I want to connect a receipt printer (and cash drawer) to an Android tablet running Loyverse POS.  I will have other Android handhelp devices in the same store also running Loyverse POS.  When employees close (cash out) tickets on the handheld POS devices, can they print receipts on the printer connected to the tablet?  How?  Thanks.
  5. Hi, I have 2 POS machines, both android, to which I've connected some no name Chinese bill printing machines via OTG. They work just fine normally. However, once I've disconnected the printer and started to charge the POSs and then reconnect it then there is issues with printing. Sometimes, it works like nothing has changed but on most times it gives an error. It's happening on both POS machines.
  6. Yasuaki

    Loyverse runs on P2 Plus Android terminal

    V190-A is an Android 8.1 based terminal that follows the high-quality and robust design concept of other P2-Plus POS products. Its main features include a 15" full-flat Capacitive touch screen, enabling Loyverse users to see the screen more stressless. With the advantages of a streamlined body, each Curve and detail have been carefully thought out to become the most desirable model on the market, showing meticulous and elegant no matter where it is placed. In addition to the appearance, the V190-A has 4 USBs, 1 USB OTG, 1 RJ45, Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac), and BT.4.0 so that you can communicate with printers, The Internet, and the barcode scanner. And in terms of efficiency, convenience, and ease of maintenance, it can meet the expectations and needs of all business requirements. P2-Plus Inc. is a Taiwanese POS manufacturer and offers complete POS hardware solutions including all peripheral products (printers, scanners, monitors, etc). The basic business concept is to offer a high-quality system at a low cost. Please visit the website for more details: https://p2-plus.com/project/v190series-2/ Contact about this device: TEL: +886-2-8521-5980 / 8522-5608 EMAIL: sales@p2-plus.com
  7. Grand City Buses is a company which is running 38 buses in Bangkok. The business owner, Mr.Siriwat, inherited his parent's business 20 years ago when he was 28 years old. So in total, they have been operating bus service for 40+ years. His son is also going to inherit the company. Mr.Siriwat put Safety as a company core value and keeps educating his employees to be professional drivers. Especially against the COVID-19 pandemic, he obligated all passengers to put on a mask and all drivers to sanitize the whole bus for each trip. When he was looking for a solution to give a ticket to his customer, he contacted ESS SYNTECH, and they recommended the Loyverse POS system working on the Sunmi device. After starting using Loyverse POS, Mr.Siriwat feels comfortable because now he does not need to be worried about employees stealing money. In order to give customers a ticket, employees must create a sale in Loyverse POS, and it is not possible to hide real sales. "Finally, Loyverse POS and Sunmi mobile POS terminal have been a great combination for us as a bus ticketing solution. We strongly recommend other similar businesses to try out the great combination."
  8. Hi Everyone I just started testing out Loyverse and i love the features of this simple POS System I was trying to set up a Phoenix OS to Install Loyvere POS on a Desktop I managed to get the POS working, however, the display looks as if it is on a Handheld Android I wanted the POS to look somewhat similar to as the notebook had more than enough screen for it. Do you know if there is anyway i can change the settings to work? It would be perfect if we can get this successfully done
  9. Does anyone ever have this problem? I am really sad but I don't have money for another printer :( Thak you! Guadalajara, Mexico.
  10. how to install a bar code scanner for windows android via NOX
  11. Can I use iPad for the front POS and use Android for the Kitchen display system?
  12. Dear All, We would like to choose the suitable screen size for our sale point, we would like to see the products as small icons to have possibility to see more items on screen and to be able to choose quickly without scrolling down a long page of products as in mobile phone view. Our question is what is the smallest possible screen size to switch from mobile phone view to tablet view? For example 7inch screen size of a tablet is possible ? One additional question; will there be any view options available to choose for a better user customized view of sales page ? Thanks in advance.
  13. Who can advise which Android tablets are good to run Loyverse POS? Also, usually I run other apps on the device during my workday.

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