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  1. Who can advise which Android tablets are good to run Loyverse POS? Also, usually I run other apps on the device during my workday.
  2. Hello, I am planning to use the software with a Lenovo Tab with 2 Gb RAM. Would it be compatible?
  3. Hi, I have 2 POS machines, both android, to which I've connected some no name Chinese bill printing machines via OTG. They work just fine normally. However, once I've disconnected the printer and started to charge the POSs and then reconnect it then there is issues with printing. Sometimes, it works like nothing has changed but on most times it gives an error. It's happening on both POS machines.
  4. Can I use iPad for the front POS and use Android for the Kitchen display system?
  5. Hi,   I've been looking at the bluetooth thermal printers on amazon.com A few of them say they don't support Android 7.0.   Has anyone tried to get any of the inexpensive, portable, bluetooth printers working with the software? Thanks.
  6. Does anyone ever have this problem? I am really sad but I don't have money for another printer :( Thak you! Guadalajara, Mexico.
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