Tables and seats

Once the beta release of LoyVerse has installed on my Android, I can see how I *should* be able to assign ongoing orders to tables. However, I see no way to mark seats. Has anyone come up against this yet, and found a practical solution...?


Here's a suggestion, from looking at the options available in the backend. Note that I'm unable to check the frontend at this time, because of beta incompatibility issues, so am not sure how this might work in practice, yet. 


  POS1=Cafe (one of several areas)

  POS2=Bar (ditto)

    Dining option1=Table1 (set once and applied to all POS's above)

    Dining option2=Table2 (ditto)

      Open ticket1=Seat1 (set once and applied to all dining options above)

      Open ticket2=Seat2 (ditto)

Please correct me, but I think this *should* allow me to specifi Store->Area->Table->Seat throughout the small cafe/sales space. Feedback welcome. uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our cookies policy. Learn more Ok