Stock Return to supplier & Credit Note

On receiving stocks from supplier, the supplier requests for return of stocks. These stocks are already inside our inventory items, which remains unsold. To do so, we will deduct these stocks from the system, and issue a credit note to our supplier (supplier will issue us a debit note). 

In Loyverse, we can only use stock adjustment for loss, damages and stock count. Is there any other work-around methods we can use to idenfify these are returned goods to supplier?  Also, is it possible to insert a return goods to supplier under stock adjustment?


We will add your comments as a feature request.

Can I ask in which situations does your suppliers ask you to return goods?

When creating a purchase order you can cancel items if they were not received, so that only the items that actually arrived are added to the inventory. Would this help you with your situation?

Hi thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately, the stocks we hold are consignment goods, meaning this is stock owned by supplier but displayed in our store for sales. We will only pay our supplier once we sell these stocks, and until then, these are supplier stocks. My supplier has many other dealers/stockist, and at times, supplier may request specific stocks back in which we may have to return.

In purchase order, we receive these stocks into the system (although they are consignment). This is to enable us to track stock movement and sales. So, this means we have already received these stocks, and we are unable to cancel the purchase order.

In loyverse, we cannot do any returns to suppliers. In inventory management, we can only classify any adjustment as loss or damage, which doesnt reflect the correct situation.

I am looking for any work around method which i can classify returns to supplier, yet reflect the correct stock quantity. At the moment, i am using stock adjustment and reporting them as loss.
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