Stock Control Of Composite Items with Variants/Modifiers

We have a Pizza business and would like to control our stock of bases used. We have two types of Bases we offer with our pizzas (Gluten Free and Standard). We would like stock adjustments to be done only on the two base items created (either as a manual adjustment or when sales/refunds take place). We have tried using various combinations of Composite Item, Variant and Modifiers to solve our problem without success. Pizzas have been created as items and when we sell a pizza we ask the customer what type of base they would prefer. A pizza is a Composite item where a base is one of the components.  We however need to somehow discriminate on which type of base is sold. Here we would like to use either the Modifier or Variant feature to select the type of base.  Depending on the selection we would then like the applicable “base item” stock balance to be adjusted when the sale goes through.

So effectively a  Composite Component needs to be tracked across more than one Item but where the Item sold could include/exclude that Component depending  on Modifier/Variant  selected.  Surely this would be standard feature of stock management in the food industry where Items sold have a common "ingredient" offered as an option but to be tracked for stock.

Can this be done in any way on Loyverse POS either with Advanced Inventory or the Standard Inventory offered? If so please explain how. uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our cookies policy. Learn more Ok