Stock and open tickets

Hello there,

One question for those who use open tickets.

When would you prefer to deduct item quantity from your stock? At the time when the payment is made or when you just save an items in open ticket?

We've got a lot of customers with open tickets.
They usualy pay at the end of the month, some of them even evry 3 months.

It seems that items on open tickets are not deducted from stock, even though the item has been "sold".

Is there a possibility to also deduct those articles from stock?
Only then we will have a clear vue on stock, without counting every time.

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Once the item is saved to the open ticket.

If I have 10 items and 10 people order it but haven't paid.. then when the 11th person orders it, the stock will say there are still 10.. 

that will cause problems.

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