Sku does not exist pop up Feature Request

We are in the process of changing from Square POS to Loyverse and so far I am liking it. One major issue I see is how the POS screen handles barcodes that are scanned that don't exist. Square would come up with a pop up saying that the sku wasn't in the system and made the used press okay. Loyverse has a small pop up on the bottom of the screen that is easily missed and doesn't prevent the user from continuing. We are constantly changing our inventory and barcode mistakes on import do happen. On Loyverse it is very easy for a cashier to not notice that an item was not added to the sale and move on. It would be helpful for a full screen pop up to be enabled in the settings that prevents the cashier from continuing to scan without acknowledging the unknown code.


The pos we used before Loyverse had a pop up and a buzzer noice when the barcode wasn't recognised so it was impossible not to notice it.

Like you said it's easy to miss if the product doesn't scan and it can result in loosing money so +1 for me on this one. uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our cookies policy. Learn more Ok