Setting to stop selling items when out of stock

How can I set it so that the POS won't let me sell the item if its out of stock?

Hi, I see that I can sell items which are sold out. It's a big problem for sellers :(

Can fix this error?

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I sell sandwiches and do have e.g. 5 of them in inventory. If i sell all of them I want the item marked as sold out and e.g. Gray, so that it cannot be sold anymore. At the moment one can sell them and inventory goes to -1


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We are pleased to announce the new feature – "Negative stock alerts". When you want to sell the item, which is out of stock or insufficient stock the POS informs you about it.

The feature is currently available for iOS devices only. For Android devices, it will be available a bit later.

More info

If you set your POS to track inventory, a reminder will be sent to the person in charge about low stock. There is already a low stock set up. If your stock takes 10bags of flour usage for replenishment, then you should set the low stock alert at 10bags of flour or whichever unit you sell at. If you sell dishes, you may want to track ingredients in the inventory management system. 

yes.. we need this feature.. to make sure stock will not minus

Now it is impossible to do this. The POS app allows selling items that is out of stock. But soon we will improve this, so it will be some warning message for a seller that this item is out of stock.
How is this coming on?

Just run a big event with a food service (as well as our usual / more common bar service) and it was a royal PITA having to keep logging onto the back office to set various food SKUs to “not available for sale” as the kitchen ran out of stock.

At service time some things were selling faster than the kitchen / us could keep on top of stock management and we ended up with disgruntled customers!
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