"Server error, please try later" when using Sumup within iPhone app.

I newly installed Loyverse on my iPhone and bought a Sumup card reading device. I as well connected my Loyverse app with the Sumup account. Each time when I want to use Sumup it ends with this failure "Server error, please try later". Bluetooth connection is established. The language on the phone is German, iPhone 6 Plus.

Does anyone have an idea how to fix that?

SumUp was also down majority of the day today. Just an FYI. (October 25th, 2018)
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Having same problem over here. Can't use SumUp for over a week now. Loyverse says it's a SumUp problem. 

Location is set alright. 

Having the same issue on iPad 

Can use ok directly via sumup app - so we know our sumup account is okay. 

Tried everything on Loyverse. Latest iOS, latest Loyverse app and still same problem when processing card payment (connects to reader ok but then says server unavailable)


location services are set to allow access to Loyverse 

Please check to make sure that the Loyverse POS App is allowed to access Location.

Please check the settings of Loyverse POS on your device. You need to Turn on the location Service for your device. You can go to Settings > Tap Privacy > Location Services.

This was exactly the trick. Now it works perfectly.
Thanks loads.
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