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  1. My cashier cannot refund tickets. Sometimes he need to void a receipt.
  2. Is there anyway I can make a refund in the back office? it seems like there is not button for it there
  3. Fanny

    Refund and items stock

    If I make a refund to my items, will that affect their stock levels? (the number of refunded items is added back to the stock)
  4. Hello, my cashier does not have the right to do refunds, so each time a customer comes to the store do a refund, one of the administrators, who have the right to do refunds, enters his PIN so the refund can be done! But I see that in back-office the refund is registered under the name of the cashier, which for me is very confusing since the cashier himself has not the right to do it. I need the refund to be registered under the name of the administrator who authorized it, so later I can check on them! How to do this?
  5. JTHK

    Discount during Refund

    During a refund, the discount (by amount) is automatically calculated by proportion.  How can it be deleted or adjusted?  Thanks.
  6. What areas are affected by issuing a refund?
  7. How to refund the bill in different POS?
  8. How to make a refund in Loyverse POS?
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