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Hi All,

I'm new to Loyverse and I'm liking the service a lot.  However, I notice that I can't save receipts as pdf, and I was wondering whether this feature will be available in the future?

Being able to save receipts in pdf is really useful in a market like Indonesia where people are relying heavily on messanging apps, such Whatsapp to communicate with their customers. Sellers can simply attach the pdf and let the customers have their receipt in their phones immediately without having to open their email.

I hope Lyverse team would consider adding this feature in their app.

What do you think?





Are customers really receiving their receipts via WhatsApp? Wow.

It would be a useful feature that has been mentioned.
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Hi Clay,
Being able to save to pdf would allow seller to send the receipt not only to whatsapp, but also to other messaging apps that support file attachment. I think this is very useful for the seller and convinient for the customers.
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The majority of my customers would prefer to receive their receipts via text message or Whatsapp. This feature would make life in our shop a lot easier.

At the moment there is no plans to add this feature. Loyverse allows you to send receipts by email but no other way. We appreciate your feedback and we will consider this for future development.

Please, please, please add this feature. I mean pretty please. ;-)

If the ability to send receipts via text message is not doable or is not a feature Loyverse wants to add, then the ability to save receipts in pdf/jpg/png would help tremendously.

The majority of my customers utilize text messaging/Whatsapp/etc. much more frequently than email. And when I have to go in after the transaction to open the receipt and take a screenshot (sometimes multiple if the receipt is long), it is time consuming and unprofessional.

Thanks for the fabulous app. It has helped us tremendously in our shop.
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Thank you, I certainly hope so and it would make Loyverse even more appealing in my opinion.
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