Resend receipt email

I realise this has been discussed, but I want to bump the discussion. This is an absolutely essential feature in the system for a number of reasons:

1. User may have entered an incorrect email address, and there is only one chance to do so.

2. User can claim they never got a receipt, and later look for refund etc.

As this must be a fairly straight forward feature to implement, I think it needs to be on the product roadmap in the short term.

Many thinks for the great system.



Thanks for the information, and yes I had just found that after I posted the question, and forgot to update the answer here.


All the best for now,



Hi! Loyverse POS has such option. You need to go to Receipt menu, find the receipt and in the right top corner choose Resend option. This function is available for Loyverse iOS and Loyverse Android new version. Please check the help article


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