Purchase (Cost) pricing without VAT-Taxes

In our retail shop we are used to choose a selling price including VAT, but a purchase (Cost) price without VAT. Is this possible in Loyverse? 


When we set the Taxes to "Added to the price", we have to enter selling and purchase price both without VAT. The margin calculation is correct, but is not practical because we want to have rounded selling prices.

When we set the Taxes to "Included in the price", we have to enter selling and purchase price both including VAT. The margin calculation is still correct, but this is not practical because our suppliers give the prices without VAT. 


I tried to tell them this a while ago but unfortunately Loyverse wants it this way.  The response i got was that some countries dont have VAT, some have different rates etc, so to make things easy i guess they just want you to enter the amount with all your local taxes. I do manually adding of VAT in the cost price.

I think it could differ depending on the business you are in.

Countries however that have a VAT system, it usually (always?) only calculated to the customer (Price) and not calculated to the supplier (Cost). I could calculate the Cost-price by hand (I think I'll do that for now) but that is a little cumbersome and sometimes results in rounding-issues.

I would like a feature that would enable to make a differentiation for this. It is common and even default on other POS-systems I tested. Please upvote if you agree :-)
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