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  1. i would like to know this too, please - i have added a second POS on a second iPad but it needs activation, how do i go about that? see photo below
  2. Hi there, is it possible to connect a single cash drawer to two iPads for my POS? I don't really want two drawers but we need two POS positions, they are within 2mt of each other. thanks
  3. Thanks Andy, would a refurbished one still suit for a KDS tablet, in terms of longevity?
  4. that is a FANTASTIC solution, thank you! i can definitely reconfigure that.
  5. Thanks @Mia I have done that. Have you experienced how i might be able to see, on a page, items 21+ once a category view on the grid page is full? See my images below.
  6. Hi, we have a lot of items and could separate them into more than 6 pages, as we have combined some categories to fit them all in grid view. May i suggest that there is an extended pages option for those of us with this need. I work with volunteers in a not-for-profit and we would like to make the use of the POS as easy and clear as possible, especially for those volunteers who are a bit older and can sometimes battle with technology. Thanks!
  7. yes i get that, thank you @Amirah, but if my pages limit is 6 (which i can work with), and say in my 'coffees' category i have 30 items, but in the grid layout i see on my 'coffees' page, i am only able to see 20 of those 30 items, i cannot scroll up to see the other 10 items in that category. And the same applies to most of my categories, each having more than 20 items than would be shown on the grid view to select to add to a sale. Is there a way around this?
  8. with the categories, how can you view in the grid sales screen the items past the first 20, if we can have so many items?
  9. fascinating statistic. Never thought Russia would have busiest McDonald's!
  10. JoJoAU


    thanks, will use these when putting backgrounds on our devices and when promoting (and tagging of course) on our social media when we upgrade to the system. Thanks
  11. ^^ can i ask how you find this "favourites" in the sales screen grid view?
  12. and also when might you be updating the app to allow additional pages? is there somewhere I can suggest this, or has the change been updated already?
  13. with the 6 pages, i have lots of items per category but it is only showing the 20 squares on the sales screen. if i am limited to the 6 pages, how do i show all the items in the category in the category view screen?
  14. this will be very helpful in our setup when we can reopen, as we organised converting our pen & paper ordering system to Loyverse shortly before COVID-19 shutdown. Thanks @andres
  15. this is like us, we are a not-for-profit play cafe with a large number of our volunteer staff being older (60+)

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