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  1. Some features my clients have requested to make loyverse even better - My clients only use android 1. Customer QR Code to easily assign a customer to a transaction - When a customer signs up it emails them a barcode to use 2. Bar coded Receipts to allow quick find for refunds etc 3. Promotions 3 for 2 or BOGOF 4. Refunds across multiple stores 5. Happy hour pricing automatic price changes on defined dates and times for certain items 6. Multiple QTY Select for modifers - For example addons for breakfast if a customer wants two peices of bacon this system only allows one entry 7. Reprint kitchen order for android 8. Change price ability to alter a price at the time of sale 9. Ability to delete cancelled sales so they do not show in the back office 10. Group cancellation of sales ability to select check box to cancel multiple sales in one go 11. Limit what store points can be redeemed at 12. Show customer history receipts on Android 13. Customer display to show adverts on one side to promote sales and full screen when not in use 14. Age prompt 15. Gift cards top up track redeem gift cards across stores 16. Triggered Coupons - Spend X amount in store it produces a ticket for redeemable discount for next time
  2. We use Android for everything 1. Option for qty of selected modifier for example my client uses a build your own breakfast but they can not select multiple qty so a customer can not have lets say two bacon two sausages 2. Automatic discounts happy hour ability to set a discounts based on certain items or categories for automatic discounting during specific dates and times 3. Mix & Match Buy one get one free or 3 for 2 cheapest free etc 4. Reprint to kitchen on Android i knows its already on iOS 5. Sell and track vouchers Thanks

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