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  1. ALRAJ is a family business based in Burundi. They went into the business a couple of years ago as a single store selling cement and now they are distributors of building materials with 2 different locations. We reached out to them and Raj, the manager of the company, and was able to set up a meeting. Could you tell me more about how you started your business? Our business is a family business. My parents started this business. In Africa, particularly in Burundi, many of the businesses are informal businesses. Meaning, everything is all over the place, inventories, sales, and accounting as
  2. Sai Wine LTD is a Cafe located in Ghana. They focus on providing unique wine experiences to their customers, such as wine and food pairing events, wine tasting events, and so on. We reached out to their representative, Theresah, for an interview. A meeting was set with Sai Wine LTD CEO, Nadia who shared about their experience using Loyverse. - Why and how did you start your business? For me, it was a spiritual calling to start the business. It was something that when I was on holiday, it got in my head that people knew about wine but didn't really know how to drink it or different
  3. Great content! Integromat is indeed perfect for small businesses.
  4. Refresh Solutions has all you need, from helping you build and maintain better point of sale systems through to tech support and advice for all your computer hardware and software needs. As a Refresh Solutions customer you will benefit from professional expertise covering a multitude of technical services that are continuously backed up with personable, responsive and reliable support.
  5. Dedicated to helping small businesses grow by providing affordable high tech business solution. POS Support FB & Retail Consultants.
  6. Financial Consultancy, Project Management Consultancy, design and computerisation of accounting Systems, Set up of Restaurant/lounges/Cafe/Salon/Spa/CRM software and training.
  7. We are Nigeria’s topmost Sage Adviser, selling and deploying the tool to the most number of businesses across Nigeria. We began a journey to automating the bookkeeping of hundreds of retail businesses using Loyverse POS software paired with great hardware and providing full professional set up in 24 hours.
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    Oui, vous pouvez le suggérer. Vous pouvez envoyer une telle demande à la section Demande de fonctionnalité https://loyverse.town/forum/29-feature-requests/
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    Salut, les remises ne peuvent être appliquées qu'aux articles
  10. Using Loyverse's API, you will be able to integrate directly with third-party applications that will handle such orders and communicate with your POS App(send orders, update inventory, loyalty).
  11. Malheureusement, nous n'avons pas une telle fonctionnalité. Lorsque nous serons intégrés à d'autres logiciels tiers de gestion des stocks, vous pourrez les gérer.
  12. You can make such integration using our API. Please send a message to our chat support online and you will be assisted.
  13. Franchising is definitely one of the many ways a retail business owner could expand his business. For a small retail business owner, this might not be a recommended strategy. Firstly because they are expensive to launch. Getting all the initial necessary documents, and marketing the opportunity could be quite capital intensive for small businesses especially for those that want immediate returns. In addition, if you do not have a sustainable product whose demand keeps increasing, you might never recover your initial investment in getting started. Nevertheless, if you feel it is the best ste
  14. Did you know that 45% of new businesses fail during the first five years? Growing a retail business is both a challenging and exciting process. After going through all the challenges and successfully coming out with a profitable business, it is only normal to seek ways to expand your business. In reality, many retail business owners today find themselves in this kind of situation. There is no “one absolute way” to expand a small business. There are so many ways retail expansion can be done, we are going to explore the different strategies that you can implement today. 1: Add a

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