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  1. Hallo Grafikland, das sind ja erfreuliche Neuigkeiten. Wir haben in unserer Konstellation mehrere Sumni Handterminals mit eingebauten Drucker, eine Sumni Pos Station mit eingebautem Drucker und mehrere Tabletts mit erwähntem Epson TM-M30 Drucker. Muss ich da nun für jeden Drucker ein Kit kaufen? Was mache ich mit den Sunmi Geräten, wo die Drucker integriert sind? Gibt es da Leute, die einen beraten können (natürlich nicht umsonst)? Viele Grüße Sven
  2. Isn't there one from Loyverse Support who can comment on this?
  3. Isn't there one from Loyverse Support who can comment on this?
  4. From January 1, 2020, German companies will be obliged to upgrade all electronic cash registers with a technical security device (TSE). The TSE is designed to prevent tax evasion in cash transactions by tamper-proof recording of all cash transactions. Will Loyverse provide appropriate support for TSE, GoBD, KassenSichV?
  5. For the shift report - or Z report - it is important that group totals are formed from "in-house" and "take-away", since these are different VAT rates. Please adjust the report accordingly as soon as possible. Please also note the example posted a few months ago.
  6. Hi there, 3 months later - is there anything new tote Depositar function? And - is it possible to make a 2. Price for articles - example a Happy Hour Price?
  7. Hi there, 3 months later - is there anything new to report from the development team?
  8. Hi there, is there anything new to report? The deposit function is very important - and we would need it at short notice.
  9. Hi there, is there anything new to report from the development team?
  10. If I observe this correctly, there are many users who would like a deposit function. it does not have to be free if that is too much programming effort, maybe you can integrate this function with the employee management?
  11. Many thanks for the answer. Nevertheless, it would be very helpful if this report also listed sales broken down by category. A list with the number of items sold would also be very helpful. If this information were on the report, it would be perfect. See attached picture It is important for the tax office that the company with the address is on the top of the report - as on the receipt.
  12. Bottles are not only used in Germany with a deposit. In addition to bottles, there is also a glass deposit or mug deposit. Is there the option of installing a deposit function so that the deposit is automatically added to items? A return function is also required, if the customer brings the bottle back, the deposit must be paid out again.
  13. It's possible to integrate a Z-Report? For the German market ist this very important. The daily Z report is the daily final report at your cash register. With this you guarantee the completeness of your till documents to the tax office. The Z report contains the means of payment, discounts, quantities of items sold, sales, sales per tax rate, sales per operator, cancellations and other details. A Z report cannot be changed after it has been created. The Z reports are numbered consecutively and consecutively (GDPdU regulation).

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