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  1. I only modify my items within my ERP-System. This is a must, because all my orders are managed with it. So it is uncomfortable to me to modify the items within the Spread-sheet/CSV-file. The only possibility to manage this task seems to be the deletion of the whole item-list in the backoffice. And afterwards upload a fresh one. I do not need in-stock-telling and the other tools. But: how to delete them all? (It is not possible to reimport the SKU in my ERP, that´s it.)
  2. My ERP manages and delivers barcodes only without check-digit. It works fine with handheld-scanners on my stationary cash-system so far. But in loyverse dashboard the barcodes are required WITH check-digit. Does anybody know a small automatically working program (VB or else) to add to the barcode-digits within a CSV-file the missing check-digit? It is modulo-formula, and the program should work on about 6000 items in the list! Thanks
  3. Many thanks, seems to work seriously, but I need an automatically working system. My ERP exports to the stationary cash/counter with one simple click on a batch-file (dos-system residuals...), which converts and applies necessary changes to the exported csv-file and at the end starts the import into the stationary cashsystem. 1 Minute for about 5000 items. Now it seems to me, that if loyverse doesn´t apply a small change (?), i.e. an adjustable format of barcodes (with or without check-digit), this program will not help me. Loyverse should simply remove the last digit before looking up in the item list. For the rest it is a very fine working tool! What a pitty!
  4. The labels on the products display of course EAN-13, but my ERP only manages the codes WITHOUT check-digit, that means the last number of the 13. It would be fine, if loyverse can be instructed to ignore the check-digit, at least in using the build-in-mobile camera. Otherwise it seems to me that I cannot use it with my ERP. Ther may be one option: if I find a checksum-calculater working in batch-modus (checkdigit.com or checkdigit.exe or sounding like that in DOS-Systems). I.e. replacing the exported EAN13 (without Check-digit) by the full EAN13.
  5. The item-list of my retailersystem can only be exported without check-digit at the end of the barcode (don´t know why). Is it possible to adjust the barcode-scan of the build-in camera on android on scanning without check-digit?
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