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  1. {'id': '', 'handle': 'testartikel_api-1', 'reference_id': None, 'item_name': 'Testartikel_API', 'track_stock': False, 'sold_by_weight': False, 'is_composite': False, 'use_production': False, 'category_id': None, 'components': [], 'primary_supplier_id': None, 'tax_ids': ['74aa630b-71b4-11ea-8d93-0603130a05b8'], 'modifier_ids': [], 'form': 'SQUARE', 'color': 'GREY', 'image_url': None, 'option1_name': None, 'option2_name': None, 'option3_name': None, 'created_at': '2020-10-03T11:09:01.001Z', 'updated_at': '2020-10-08T12:34:52.052Z', 'deleted_at': None, 'variants': [{'variant_id': '', 'item_id': 'aa4a2fcb-3802-4b74-96b0-535b1030c9fd', 'sku': '10156', 'reference_variant_id': None, 'option1_value': None, 'option2_value': None, 'option3_value': None, 'barcode': '10156', 'cost': 0.0, 'purchase_cost': None, 'default_pricing_type': 'FIXED', 'default_price': 20, 'stores': [{'store_id': 'f92eb0c5-711d-11ea-8d93-0603130a05b8', 'pricing_type': 'FIXED', 'price': 20, 'available_for_sale': True, 'optimal_stock': None, 'low_stock': None}, {'store_id': 'f92eb0fb-711d-11ea-8d93-0603130a05b8', 'pricing_type': 'FIXED', 'price': 20, 'available_for_sale': True, 'optimal_stock': None, 'low_stock': None}, {'store_id': 'f92eb0aa-711d-11ea-8d93-0603130a05b8', 'pricing_type': 'FIXED', 'price': 20, 'available_for_sale': True, 'optimal_stock': None, 'low_stock': None}], 'created_at': '2020-10-03T11:09:01.001Z', 'updated_at': '2020-10-08T12:34:54.054Z', 'deleted_at': None}]} the id and the variant_id I leave empty so it will become a new product
  2. import requests productid='placeholder' url = 'https://api.loyverse.com/v1.0/items/' headers = {'Authorization' : 'Bearer placeholder'} newean = '99999999' json_obj = requests.get(url+productid, headers=headers).json() json_obj['id'] = '' json_obj['variants'][0]['variant_id'] = '' json_obj['variants'][0]['sku'] = newean json_obj['variants'][0]['barcode'] = newean r = requests.post(url,json=json_obj,headers=headers) --------------------------------- I use the json i recieve from the API. I just edit a few entries and then reupload it.
  3. Hi! I use the API. It is a python script that uses POST to upload the new item
  4. I'm trying to upload a new product using exsisting data. It basically is a copy of one product but with a new barcode and SKU. When I upload the file using post it just doesnt upload.. Do I need to make more changes to the file before I can use it as a new product?
  5. When making a request for the full item list, I can not edit the startpoint. The limitation works perfectly though. https://api.loyverse.com/v0.7/items?start=90 To whatever number I change the last number I keep getting the same result. Is this a bug?

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