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  1. I already read that users manual but I couldnt find that info about adding 9100 to the IP address
  2. I read the thread and got about adding port :9100 I wonder how and where to add that. I tried to add it inside loyverse app next to the router's up address by it won't let me this way192.
  3. Anyone here how to setup USB thermal printer to work through network wirelessly. I have available external printserver, USB thermal printer, router and Android device. Your help s highly appreciated.
  4. Anyone here know how to setup 2 different printers to able to print orders at the same time. I have two printer as of now one at the bar and one at kitchen area. The reason why is I want to have a copy of order in the Bar area the same as in the kitchen area. I had issue setting up my other printer, the same category I checked on the other printer is grayed out it seems to me that only one printer can print the same category. Do we have solution for this or is it really possible? Your help is highly appreciated.
  5. Hi there anyone know how to setup partial or down payments? For example we’re selling accommodation for 1000.00 ang we required guest a 50% deposit upon reservation is anyway we can tender the said deposit and tender another soon as the guest arrived?
  6. If you’re using a non-thermal receipt printer you can use carbonless receipt paper so you can have a duplicate copy. Hope this help.

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