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    Items with a negative price

    Hi, thx for this idea. I've created a new item called giftcard and a new modificator optionen -5 €. I can reduce the positions amout with this option but i cant get lt zero.
  2. Do you have a timeline for POST actions? interessted in items, inevntory and customers
  3. Hi, we will use a item for Giftcards redem. Is it possibe to enter a negative price maybe over api? Example: 1 Item costs 100 EUR incl. 19% VAT so total is 100 EUR incl. VAT now the customer use his gifcart with a amount of 50 EUR and 0% VAT That means the Customer has to pay 50 EUR, but in this sell VAT is still the VAT of 100 EUR 1x Item 100 EUR (19%) 1x Giftcard Red - 50 EUR (0%) ============= To Pay 50 EUR
  4. Hi everybody, that are great news for all of us that you start the API. One quick question. How can I get access to the API in my account. I'm interessted in developing a woocommerce plugin to sync items and stocks. In a second step i will try to push the sells to the lexoffice API for posting. Thx Martin

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