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  1. That's awesome, great to hear! - the address fields will really help with Covid 19 tracing info we have to collect from every customer here in Australia. Most important thing if you add a barcode field is that it needs to be searchable like name and phone number when you search for a customer.
  2. I am setting up a loyalty card system where every plastic card printed has a unique customer barcode on it. To hack this functionality into the current Loyverse system, we are putting the customer's unique loyalty card barcode number after their name (eg - John Smith 476387358854) . When the customer sign ups, we enter their name and then immediately scan the card that we are giving to them so the barcode number appears behind their name. We can then quickly add the customer to future orders by scanning their loyalty card barcode into the customer search field. I have tested the above and it works, but it's a bit of a dodgy workaround. It would be very nice to have a dedicated field for this so you can search for your customers by name, phone number, or their barcode number and keep these details as separate fields. Is there any chance you could add a new searchable field to the customer database for storing a unique customer number (eg for a loyalty card barcode) ? I am sure many other uses would appreciate and make use of this feature too as it's a pretty common loyalty method. The name + number workaround works in the meanwhile if anyone else wants to implement it right now Cheers, Kapo.
  3. Thanks for your reply andres! It's a shame you cant do it as we have several android devices. It can be done though... eg Kounta POS on Android integrates with TYRO. https://support.kounta.com/hc/en-us/articles/201234080-Payments-Integration-TYRO No biggie really as we can just buy a iPAD do run loyverse on, but as a developer myself I would find that tyro android integration by a few competitors a challenge
  4. Also eagerly waiting for Android integration of TYRO too I bet your talented developers could adapt over the iOS code they wrote for TYRO in less than 30 min

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