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  1. we would like to transfer our tennis club to a cashless one, so how can we solve this. it should not be that hard to disable cash payments? but it is not possible at this moment
  2. is it possible to print to a pdf file?
  3. is it possible to add a mail function for shift report. an automatic mail can be sent to an email address everytime a shift is closed.
  4. maybe it is possible to enable/disable each payment on the differtent pos terminals? so you have payment A and B on POS1 and payment A, B and C on POS2...
  5. When opening shift, there is still “enter starting cash amount”. Has to be “geef het start bedrag van de kassa in aub”
  6. i would like to have a partial payment for groups in our café. if one person of a group is leaving i want to split the bill, accept the payment of this person and leave the rest of the bill open. I would like to save it and keep the ticket open, so it is possible to add some things after the first person has left and paid. as you can see here: https://help.loyverse.com/help/payment-loyvers. maybe you can add a button "charge later" or "assign amount to customer". so it creates an open ticket for this customer...

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