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  1. Is there any way to have a KDS show if an order has been paid for yet? Aka, if you're using it for a call-in order, you ring in the order, and save it. It gets sent to the screens (KDS), but is there any way to know whether the items have been paid for, and thus able to be given to the customer? At this point, the only way i can see to do this, is to keep a copy of the receipts, and match it to the order going out. Its not a huge occurrence, but it would be nice to see on a screen that the order is 'closed', and not just saved.
  2. I am looking for a way to get extra lines at the bottom of the receipts that print out (both orders, and customer printouts). Is there any way to do this without placing a character on each line? If you put something like a period on each line, it prints out the character, then the new line, but it looks like the interface strips out any invisible characters. I was able to 'fake' it, by putting in Chinese characters on each line, and the printers don't seem to print them, but still print the line. Am i missing an 'easier' way to do this?
  3. I am wanting 3 separate KDS in place. One for the Cook part of kitchen, one for the cold assembly, and one for the 'completed' orders (delivery to customers). I was hoping to separate item categories, but it seems when you create a printer group, it makes those categories unavailable once they're in 1 group. That works for the kitchen and cold assembly, but for a 'summary' screen of all open orders that need filled, you have nothing to work with. Is there any way to accomplish this 'delivery' screen?
  4. I'm wanting some functionality for the KDS that allows for an external device (such as a bump bar, or even just a keyboard) to clear orders, and recall (a basic hotkey option would be good for each option to clear-- aka, "1" for the first item, "2" for second, and a certain availability for pulling up 'recall' and the same functionality with number buttons assigned to position on the recall list) I know the standard 'bump bars' aren't bluetooth, and probably won't integrate at all...but having an option to emulate that functionality would be nice.
  5. Looking at the KDS app, and am looking at cheap android boxes with Screens to mount in the kitchen. However, having a touch screen can get a bit messy. Are there any 'bump bars' that would be able to be configured to clear orders so that kitchen staff aren't touching the screens? Thanks
  6. This is a question that has 2 separate questions inside. If i need to make them 2 separate topics, let me know First, I'm wondering if its possible to 'customize' an item that is ordered. I know that once an item is added to the ticket, you can add comments, but that can be a bit time consuming, and prone to errors. I'm looking for a way to have an item (say, a cheeseburger for this instance), and if someone doesn't want ketchup, you can tap for 'no ketchup', or 'extra ketchup', or even 'light ketchup'. The closest thing i can find to this is setting up modifiers for each menu item, uniqu

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