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  1. HI, A big problem for us : we urgently need loyalty points system to be activated individually on each store and not globally We face particularly the problem as we use SKUPlugs app to synchronise with woocommerce. We use internal points system in woocommerce and with order sync, loyverse points are also applied. A first step could be to provide app developpers a key/parameter to specfify no loyalty should be applied to incoming orders, better would be make loyalty activation separate for each store. thanks in advance Guillaume D
  2. Hello, i don't ask for support for their extension. We point out what seems to be a limitation due to Loyverse as loyalty cannot be activated individually on stores, it applies for all declared stores. Do they have the technical possibility to bypass the points automatic attribution is the question.
  3. Hi, we started integration between loyverse and woocommerce through the SKUPlug module. Integration goes pretty well but there what we think is a real limitation/bug : Fidelity. We use a fidelity system in woocommerce, and when SKUPlug imports orders into loyverse, loyverse fidelity system (activated on our POS) apply also points to theses customers, which doubles the points. i know fidelity cannot be restricted to a special store if you run more than one, this is a real limitation, and in our case blocks us in ecommerce integration Can't this be solved ? maybe give SKUPlug developpers a key to specify in their feed no points should be applied ? thanks Guillaume
  4. HI, Neither excel nor google drive can treat numbers correctly, it's impossible to make sums and formulas tried to change import options (text to numbers options) but nothing operates, am i the only one with this problem ? thanks Guillaume

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