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  1. My Epson TM-M10 It prints everything a bit too far to the left and leaves too much space on the right margin. I added the following ESC/POS command 1B,61,01 It kinda works because it centres all the text which is not really what I want. I prefer to move everything about 3-4mm to the right. Anyone know what ESC/POS command to use for that? My printer is set up as an other printer. PS. I have gone through every setting and adjusting the paper width but 48mm is the max setting I can use.
  2. Right now there is just one paid option, I'm asking if there is a discount of some sort for people that don't need advanced inventory. I only need the inventory value feature and for me the $350 or so Canadian dollars would be a huge price to pay to get that feature, especially since I run my business out of my house. I see there is a coupon code option when you subscribe so I assume there are sales that come up, how do I get a coupon or a little bit of a better deal. At $350 Canadian dollars the advanced features are almost out of reach for me.
  3. Did you even read my question, that was not at all a helpful response.
  4. I don't need advanced inventory but I do like to have my inventory value. Right now I simply download my inventory and add a formula to excel to calculate my inventory cost. I would pay for advanced inventory but at $250 USD that converts to 35% more in Canadian by the time I add the credit card fees. That is a dear price to pay to get my inventory value and I am wondering if there is a way I can pay just to get my inventory value with a single click report. I see there is a place for a coupon but again for a 1 person business it seems like a lot to have no other option but
  5. I agree here, my client buys 10 new items and then reaches in her purse to return one and also does not have the receipt. I'm not going to turn her away, I just want to scan and hit negative 1 to return that item and then charge the difference. For me, I allow clients to return without a receipt if they make a new purchase. I have no way to make a return without a receipt and even if I have that then I have to process through my credit card machine twice. Once for credit and once for debit. What a royal pain in the ass that is. Everywhere else you can just hit -1 and be done with i
  6. I use it from bluetooth with a chromebase not even a tablet and it works perfectly. As far as I know as long as you have bluetooth the printer should work. I just picked OTHER printer and it hooked up in seconds.
  7. A chromebase does not have bluetooth so I ordered the USB printer but I need the initial ESC/POS commands to activate it. THe example above won't work for me and I'm not sure if I were to exchange for an ethernet printer if that would solve my problem. The TM-M10 is available as BlueTooth, Ethernet or USB. From an Android Tablet the printer hooks up in seconds and functions immediately, so you can put it on your WORKING list.
  8. So I got this printer and hooked it up on my tablet and it works like a charm. I like that it takes the smaller 58mm rolls which is the exact same roll as I put into my ingenico debit/credit card machine. I get a good deal on those tapes at costco. The printer also takes the standard 58mm tapes that go into most cash registers. All in all a much cheaper solution than the wider 80mm tapes. I just hooked this printer up as a generic model. One problem I am having is that I am going to use a chromebase to custom build my POS. I have not figured out how to make the chrome OS printer be
  9. epson tm m10 compact That is the printer I prefer to use, it is a USB printer and uses a smaller 57mm tape with a smaller counter footprint. Please.... can anyone tell me if it is usable with Loyverse before I buy it.

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