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  1. OK, so it works I logged out of the old chromebook and uninstalled loyverse (did not need to uninstall but did anyways). I logged in with the new chromebook and the receipt numbers are the same and basically took over where the other one left off.
  2. Since I only have one POS station that means if I log it out and log back in with the new one it should use the same numbering right? The old one will be decommissioned so it will not be logging in anyways.
  3. Sorry, to answer your questions I mean keeping the same POS just moving it to another chromebook The numbering sequence was assigned by loyverse and I am just using an example to specify layout.
  4. Yes I am removing one chromebook and adding a different on My current receipts use this format 5-1025 and if I activate another termianl it will go to 6-0001 I would prefer to keep the leading 5 because that is the 5th time it has changed. So if I sign out of my current chromebook and then sign in with the new one how do I keep the same numbering system without restarting at 6-0001
  5. So my receipts look like this 5-1295 Everytime I change PC's it starts over and switches to 6-0001 then 7-0001 Before I switch this time is there a way to keep the receipt number the same when I activate the new terminal and remove the old? I only have one location and one PC running loyverse but I do switch equipment once in a while and I would very much prefer to keep my receipt numbers the same. Any help there?
  6. By the way, even non touch screens will work if you are ok with using a mouse. I have tried a non touch screen on an old PC and you can use a mouse instead. So basically ANY windows machine, expired chromebook, a chromebook without playstore support or any old computer you have can be converted to run Loyverse. PS. Since chrome OS uses very little resources even a dog slow old windows PC flies with Chrome and Loyverse installed.
  7. OK, so cloud ready was not the answer. I ended up installing the full version of Chrome OS and it works. See the tutorial of how to convert almost any old PC, or expired chromebook, into full Chrome OS to run Loyverse. Insane, now any touch PC can run Loyverse!!!
  8. Thank you Andy but those are APK's and need the playstore to run. I have a gorgeous large Acer Chromebase with a touch screen that does not have the playstore. The thing is so nice I cannot justify replacing it with another $1000 chromebase. I cannot use a laptop or tablet because they are too small so a chromebase is my only option. I hate the idea of buying a new one to run one app so I am hopping there is some kind of an official solution to run APK's on a chromebook without playstore support.
  9. I have a touch screen Acer Chromebase which does not have playstore access. Is there a possibility to sideload the Loyverse app and have it run without playstore support? If so where can I get the real installation files?
  10. My Epson TM-M10 It prints everything a bit too far to the left and leaves too much space on the right margin. I added the following ESC/POS command 1B,61,01 It kinda works because it centres all the text which is not really what I want. I prefer to move everything about 3-4mm to the right. Anyone know what ESC/POS command to use for that? My printer is set up as an other printer. PS. I have gone through every setting and adjusting the paper width but 48mm is the max setting I can use.
  11. Right now there is just one paid option, I'm asking if there is a discount of some sort for people that don't need advanced inventory. I only need the inventory value feature and for me the $350 or so Canadian dollars would be a huge price to pay to get that feature, especially since I run my business out of my house. I see there is a coupon code option when you subscribe so I assume there are sales that come up, how do I get a coupon or a little bit of a better deal. At $350 Canadian dollars the advanced features are almost out of reach for me.
  12. Did you even read my question, that was not at all a helpful response.
  13. I don't need advanced inventory but I do like to have my inventory value. Right now I simply download my inventory and add a formula to excel to calculate my inventory cost. I would pay for advanced inventory but at $250 USD that converts to 35% more in Canadian by the time I add the credit card fees. That is a dear price to pay to get my inventory value and I am wondering if there is a way I can pay just to get my inventory value with a single click report. I see there is a place for a coupon but again for a 1 person business it seems like a lot to have no other option but to pay $250 per year.
  14. I use it from bluetooth with a chromebase not even a tablet and it works perfectly. As far as I know as long as you have bluetooth the printer should work. I just picked OTHER printer and it hooked up in seconds.

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