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  1. The reason for configuring the date manually and not depending on the locale is that the locale format varies by android version. We've found that we can't get consistent dates across different devices. For example in Panama sometimes we get MM/DD/YYYY and other times DD/MM/YYYY. We want the latter; the former appear on older android versions.
  2. This is a problem that spans more than one country.
  3. I would like to use KDS on an Xiaomi Mi Box S Android TV. Unfortunately, KDS is not available for Android TV. Note that another POS is available. Please mark KDS as compatible.
  4. Hello, A big problem for us is that the receipts generated are not legal in our jurisdiction. It is required that the tax and discounts are marked per item. Right now the receipts show quantity and price. If you add the tax bracket and any discount it would make them compliant. Example: Current item display: Book 4.50 1 x 4.50 Legal item display: Book 4.50 1 x 4.50 (7%) -0.45 The last line adds the tax rate for the item and an optional discount.

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