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  1. Hello, From my understanding, tickets names are only allowed for open tickets via the save or predefined options. Please consider adding the ability to add a custom ticket name for tickets that are charged immediately. This is useful for us in a few ways as a kitchen. - We can use ticket names based on external information (e.g. website order id) which will be reflected on the KDS - Extract the ticket names for analysis through the API in the future - Print the custom names on receipts (currently only possible with saved tickets) Thank you!
  2. Thanks Natali but unfortunately that's just the basic setup how-to. I'm actually looking for a technical answer for how to send my own data from outside the app to the KDS.
  3. I'd like to enter custom orders/orderlines to the KDS. Is there a guideline for the protocol to send data to the KDS? I'm aware the connection happens on a local network. Thanks!

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