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  1. I think this issue really needs to be addressed. It makes theft easy, as the owner cannot see what has been deleted or voided; there needs to be a record of all actions through the system so that employees can be tracked in a transparent system. Also, I am willing to pay th$5 per month per employee to limit access rights, but in the trial of this I have tried both ticking and not ticking the 'void saved items in open tickets' box, and neither way stops the employees from deleting items or voiding whole tickets :-( this is a really serious flaw in the system, and if it is not addressed I will have to change to a different pos system... We need to leave the restaurant in the hands of our staff sometimes, but it is difficult if we cannot track all transactions (including deleted or voided items). How do we go about getting this fixed? Is there someone I should write to? Thanks! :-)

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