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  1. Please add a "gift card" feature. 1) sell cards / load credit on card 2) redeem cards Printable cards or/and mobile cards (e-mail or iOS Wallet, ...) Thanks Leo
  2. Hello Usecase: The customer orders a drink at the bar and pays. He receives a receipt with a pick up number. When the drink is ready, the staff member calls the number, the customer can then give his receipt with the coresponding pickup number to get his drink. Thank you! Leo
  3. Please add customization. We don't need the "e-mail receipt" part for example and would like to show only the articles and the price. Would be nice, if you could choose to disable the e-mail receipt part.
  4. Hello For some space reasons, we need to have our iPad in portrait orientation and not in landscape. Can you please add this to your app? Or is there a reason, why it is limited to landscape? Thanks Leo

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