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  1. Hello there, I think you can add a comment on receipt header or footer.
  2. Hello @KPTAC This Body template might help you to generate receipt. ------------------------------ { "store_id": "<string>", "employee_id": "<string>", "order": "<string>", "customer_id": "<string>", "source": "<string>", "receipt_date": "<dateTime>", "total_discounts": [ { "id": "<string>", "scope": "<string>", "percentage": "<number>", "money_amount": "<number>" }, { "id": "<string>", "scope": "<string>", "percentage": "<number>", "money_amount": "<number>" } ], "note": "<string>", "line_items": [ { "quantity": "<number>", "variant_id": "<string>", "price": "<number>", "cost": "<number>", "line_note": "<string>", "line_taxes": [ { "id": "<string>" }, { "id": "<string>" } ], "line_discounts": [ { "id": "<string>" }, { "id": "<string>" } ], "line_modifiers": [ { "modifier_option_id": "<string>" }, { "modifier_option_id": "<string>" } ] }, { "quantity": "<number>", "variant_id": "<string>", "price": "<number>", "cost": "<number>", "line_note": "<string>", "line_taxes": [ { "id": "<string>" }, { "id": "<string>" } ], "line_discounts": [ { "id": "<string>" }, { "id": "<string>" } ], "line_modifiers": [ { "modifier_option_id": "<string>" }, { "modifier_option_id": "<string>" } ] } ], "payments": [ { "payment_type_id": "<string>", "money_amount": "<number>", "name": "<string>", "type": "<string>", "paid_at": "<dateTime>", "payment_details": { "authorization_code": "<string>", "reference_id": "<string>", "entry_method": "<string>", "card_company": "<string>", "card_number": "<string>" } }, { "payment_type_id": "<string>", "money_amount": "<number>", "name": "<string>", "type": "<string>", "paid_at": "<dateTime>", "payment_details": { "authorization_code": "<string>", "reference_id": "<string>", "entry_method": "<string>", "card_company": "<string>", "card_number": "<string>" } } ] }
  3. Hello @KPTAC Currently we don't have function to create order in POS via API. But we are discussing to make it available in the future. Best regards,
  4. Hi @Taxify, I enabled API in your account. Please check your BackOffice. Thank you!
  5. Helo Mohammed, I will contact you in private chat.
  6. Hello @Eymm Thank you for the information. We will discuss about your suggestion.
  7. Yes, please submit the API access form.
  8. Hello @ChiFryTembalang Thank you for your suggestion. May I know what kind of use case are you considering?
  9. Hello @agri, Thank you for the comment. Such function may be available in the future.
  10. Hello @outtolunc, Thank you for your comment. We will make the official announcement of API pricing in few weeks.
  11. Hello @Taxify I'm able to use access token "e4ba249faced4c428f2963a7d644e37f" without any problem. Could you please check How to test Loyverse API by postman? https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UkSbGkWfCwIZo1ChgSmDDJG9v9TG6BgOzBtlgl-5OAA/edit?usp=sharing
  12. Hello @Sqquid, Thank you for question. We need more information about your request. Could you tell me 1.If your token is valid? 2.What request did you send?
  13. Hello everyone, We have updated API document. https://developer.loyverse.com/docs/ The current version of API includes commands to the following data: GET Receipts GET/DELETE/POST Items GET/DELETE/POST Inventory GET/DELETE/POST Сategories GET/DELETE/POST Modifiers GET/DELETE/POST Discounts ...and so on. Please check it out!
  14. Hello @Surendarbalas I have sent you an Email. Could you check your inbox? Best regards,

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