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  1. That is great. We also trying to make POST ready as soon as possible
  2. Hello. Was your issue solved? Also I have activated your account for API. Best regards,
  3. Hi MDSK, i activated API on your account. Thank you for notifying us!
  4. Hello outtlounc, Could you send a screenshot of postman? Probably you need to turn off all Key.
  5. Please submit API early access form.
  6. Hello. Through API, basically you can get raw data, which means list of receipt. Based on those receipt, you can create your original Dashboard. Thanks!
  7. Hello Mahmoud, We are discussing about webhook. May I know the use case of webhook? Best regards,
  8. Hello Armadillobrillo, Thank you for your comment. We can receive http GET request, so that you can export item/category information from Loyverse BackOffice.
  9. Hello, I'm Yasuaki. We are now preparing such integration. We will make it available as soon as possible. Best regards,
  10. Hello gracefulonline, We will let you know when such integration is ready! Thanks!
  11. Hello gracefulonline, Thank you for your suggestion. It is good opportunity for us to have such integration. May I ask do you have any application/software/company provide such ordering method in your mind?
  12. Hello Claus, Thank you for your suggestion! May I know which CRM system do you like the most? Best regards,
  13. Hello gracefulonline, May I know which eCommerce do you prefer to integrate?

Loyverse Point of Sale





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