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  1. Hello @Avashiva, Unfortunately, it is not possible to print automatically. But, we will discuss about your suggestion. Best regards,
  2. Hello Joris, Thank you for your comment. I have checked Shopify, and it looks they allow user to reuse same SKU for different item. Could you kindly explain more detail what is your problem? Best regards,
  3. Hello Karim, Currently, it is not possible to receive open ticket throught API. Best regards,
  4. こんにちは! プリンターの印刷を手動にするには、プリンターの設定で「レシートを自動印刷」をオフにしてください。
  5. Hello there, We display pricing information in BackOffice->integration tab. Best regards,
  6. Hello, Now API is available for all users. Please check your BackOffice->Integration section
  7. Hello, I'm Yasuaki. You can try following this help material. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UkSbGkWfCwIZo1ChgSmDDJG9v9TG6BgOzBtlgl-5OAA/edit?usp=sharing Best regards,
  8. Hello there, You can try Integromat to export data into Google sheets. https://loyverse.com/marketplace/integromat
  9. Supply POS System for retails & f&b business / Tablet / Cash Drawer / Receipt printer / computer set / guide & training
  10. On September 23, Loyverse released an API and App Marketplace that allow merchants to connect third-party apps to their Loyverse account. From now on, Loyverse users can easily integrate popular online accounting (Quickbooks, Xero, Sage), eCommerce (Woocommerce), marketing (Mailchimp and Constant Contact) and business workflow automation services (Zoho Flow, Integromat). We will continuously update the marketplace with new apps. Integrations will allow merchants to automate their processes and help run business more smoothly and efficiently. As a special offer for merchants to
  11. Hello there, I think you can add a comment on receipt header or footer.
  12. Hello @KPTAC This Body template might help you to generate receipt. ------------------------------ { "store_id": "<string>", "employee_id": "<string>", "order": "<string>", "customer_id": "<string>", "source": "<string>", "receipt_date": "<dateTime>", "total_discounts": [ { "id": "<string>", "scope": "<string>", "percentage": "<number>", "money_amount": "<number>"
  13. Hello @KPTAC Currently we don't have function to create order in POS via API. But we are discussing to make it available in the future. Best regards,
  14. Hi @Taxify, I enabled API in your account. Please check your BackOffice. Thank you!

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