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  1. I created the webhook using the api, authenticated with OAuth2 and it works now! Thanks again. I was able to validate the webhook using the following PHP-function; hash_hmac('sha1', $data, $key, false)
  2. Hmm, I did not. I created it from the Loyverse dashboard That could be a difference indeed, I will test again. Thanks!
  3. Hi, I'm currently building a solution to add "Pay Later" functionality in Loyverse Pos. I'm using the service of Klarna In-Store for this, which is specifically designed for physical stores. My current solution works by adding a Klarna-payment method inside Loyverse. A receipts.update webhook triggers the integration with Klarna and creates a new payment-session with a copy of the receipt inside Klarna. A separate web interface allows to complete the payment method, by sending a form to the users phone (email/phone/QR). (They have to fill it in for credit-checks etc.) Also refund-receipts are synchronised to Klarna, so the customer only has to pay for what they keep. Now I want to validate the webhook for security, but it seems the mentioned headers are not sent currently. Also the validation algorithm seems to be missing from the docs; https://developer.loyverse.com/docs/#section/Webhooks-overview/Validate-notifications Any information about this?
  4. We are currently using the API to sync the stock-count to Woocommerce using this API, by using the receipts. The API works very good, responds fast and I like how the cursor works. I provided the script below for inspiration; https://www.virtualstuff.org/scripts/syncloyverse.php.txt It gets the receipts since the last few hours/days and finds the products by barcode. It simply subtracts the stock-count in Woocommerce by the amount of sales on the Loyverse-receipt. Everytime the script runs, it continues from the previous run by storing a "sync date" It requires the PHP Woocommerce API which can be installed using the command "composer require automattic/woocommerce". It requires modifying the firstlines for the correct API-codes.
  5. We would like an option to let the customer see/download their own receipts online. Currently, it is not possible to get a list of receipts by customer_id, so It would require a full download of all receipts and then filter it.
  6. We had filed in the form a few weeks ago, does this mean we were not selected?
  7. Hi, we also applied for API access but don't have it yet? I've already completed the code we require using the demo-account, I only need to enter the API-key...
  8. Great! We are primary going to use it to sync Loyverse stock (our primary source for the shop) to Woocommerce. (Wordpress Webshop) When an item is purchased from to store, lower the stock in Woocommerce When an items is purchased from Woocommerce, lower the stock in Loyverse We also would like to synchronise the Loyalty-program to Online and Offline sales. Same points for customers on- and offline, see points in webshop. Add new Customers to the Mailchimp mailinglist, send them a welcome-mail (maybee with related product-tips) after an offline sale. In the end we would be able to use Gift-cards on- and offline.

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