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  1. Hi Amirah, I did try what you suggested and I believe it does work! Thanks for advice
  2. Hi Amirah, Thank you for the suggestion but not sure that would work as I need to allocate a customer to a total voucher amount and as it’s used it’s removed from the total. An example would be that Mr A has a voucher credit of £100, he buys a round of drinks costing £10.25 leaving a credit balance of £89.75 and so on! I was hoping that Loyverse could monitor showing a credit balance after each transaction per person with voucher so that staff would know when end balance of credit reaches £0 or a minus figure. It probably isn’t available on Loyverse so may have to go back to the manual route o
  3. How can I set up a voucher system on Loyverse? During the Coronavirus lockdown we are offering pre paid vouchers so that when it’s all over the customers can use vouchers to purchase drink etc in our club but not sure if Loyverse has the facility to monitor this! I don’t want to use the discount option as although it will reduce the stock levels it would alter the profit margins which is not what we need. Is there a way of setting up a pre paid amount to match the pre payment for each individual so when they purchase goods via voucher it will reduce the amount banked automatically thanks
  4. I wouldn't have thought the staff should need to work out the commission as the amount taken is what it is. You will get a daily/weekly/monthly report from Sumup so you just need to enter the commission as expense in your accounting programme, we have payments weekly from sumup and it works fine, the report is very detailed with each card payment received.
  5. Thank you for your advice, it was as you said, a silly error by me and cost me lots of time for simple midtake! Thanks again
  6. I have connected my printer to my android via Bluetooth in Loyverse settings and done a test print and it works fine! When I go to sales top right I normally am able to open cash drawer but option isn't there just synchronise, also in receipts where you can print a older receipt it just shows email receipt. It has been working fine but I deleted printer and tried to link it with another printer which had the same result and now when I try and reinstate the 1st printer I've had problems!
  7. I have just registered with SumUp and I wondered if I can setup Loyverse so when the card reader is used the amount taken can have the commission removed from the final shift takings as I assume that their commission is removed before its banked. The idea is that staff won't need to work out the commission when card used to balance the "shifts" final takings therefore balancing books made easier, hopefully!

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