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  1. Is the franchising model a way of expansion of the retail business?
  2. I have food truck business. I usualy serve up to 60 people on weekdays and up to 130 people on weekends and holidays. What kind of POS printer is better to choose?
  3. Does Loyverse have some restrictions on the image sizes or file formats or others?
  4. I have switched on the low stock notification at the Back office settings. But I have not received notifications on my email when my item reaches a low stock number.
  5. Loyverse has reports by days. The day starts at midnight from 0:01 and finishes at 24:00. But my restaurant work until 2 o'clock in the night. How can I get correct reports?
  6. Loyverse has functionality to print sales summary report at the POS when shifts is anabled. You can print a shift report if you have receipt printer added in the POS app and with settings to print receipts and bills. The report of the current shift contains data of the cash drawer and the current sales summary, and corresponds to X-report. The closed shift report contains data of the cash drawer and the sales summary at the closing of the shift, including the actual amount of cash and the difference in comparison with the expected amount, that is equal to Z-report. https://help.loyverse.com/help/shift-report-sales-summary-pos
  7. I want to know about each sale. I want to see the intensity of sales and check my employees.

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