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  1. I think it is impossible to prevent this situation, but you can give you employee access through PIN. And then change the PIN. If he will delete date the POS will be logged out. And he can't enter the system without a new PIN. After this, if your employee often say you that system is logged out and you doubt his honesty you can check through camera his action.
  2. If you've been inactive for more than 1 year and do not subscribe to any premium services than your account may be deleted.
  3. You can create 6 pages + homepage.
  4. If I make sales, the CDS screen turns on automatically?
  5. Hello, Aleksander. If one receipt has different taxes, taxable sales can be different.
  6. I want to get a sales report by category of dining options. Is it possible?
  7. If you want your device to work like a tablet(tickets and goods), it should be more than 530 dpi. You can check your device in this application. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vapps.screeninfo&hl=en
  8. Hi, Teddy. The program doesn't have such functionality that the price of the products depended on the client. But you can leave the price field in the product card blank. Thus, during the sale, you can set any price, depending on which client. Also you can write the highest price and, depending on the client, make a discount.
  9. Hello, Alex. I have this device that you want to buy. This device has a USB port. You can connect a USB scanner. The Sunmi phone already has a camera(scanner) but it is not as convenient as a USB or Bluetooth scanner. I am using a Posiflex scanner. If I understand and have seen, all non-phone type devices(Sunmi) have a USB port for the scanner.
  10. I installed it from your link. Thank you very much!!!
  11. I tried to install POS in HP Engage One Prime Plus. But it happended that Play store is locked on HP. And I can't load it from the computer because the HP system not allow. Please, help me to decide this problem.
  12. The best way is if you have advanced inventory. 1) You need to create a new supplier. 2) You can create purchase order, it will be better for manage later. If you want just change stok without supplier you can use "Stock adjustment" The stock of this item will be automatically changed. And you can see history changing the stock of your item. Another way change stock is to write on the menu of the product. 3) You need to create a hamburger like a composite product and add all needed components. For e

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