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  1. PAPERANG P1/P2 Mini Portable Wireless Bluetooth can be used. but you need to install the driver https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.a402d.paperang.free&hl=en
  2. hi, maybe you can help solve the problem with the printer
  3. 2. MEmu https://www.memuplay.com/ Can use apk file
  4. I tried installing Loyverse POS on memuplay, it works fine. After installing MEmu, you will need a gmail account to download Loyverse in the Play market or use the APK But I didn’t connect the printer
  5. Is it possible to install Loyverse KDS on a Chromebook and work with it in conjunction with Loyverse POS on a smartphone?
  6. I have an old version of Loyverse POS on Android, I can’t update it. The update message does not arrive on the smartphone. What should I do? Any ideas?
  7. rik


  8. I created a new items, I found that my cost input is incorrect, how to change the average cost?

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