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  1. Hi Nicole, Thank you for your reply. I find it helpful for looking up stock adjustments and available stock. But still I cant find the purchase cost history. It seems that if I want to know the cost history, I have to open all purchase orders and write the cost one by one, which will take a long time. In your picture “item history”, is there a way to add a column “purchase cost” and “Supplier” so i can easily compare costs of suppliers that I made a purchase order. Sample situation: All of my suppliers sells screws of the same type. What I want to know is the price
  2. Good day to everyone. i am using inflow inventory for the past years and now migrating to loyverse. Inflow has this feature that you can see the item purchase history, it shows purchase order number, purchase date, item cost and supplier name. This feature allows me to compare item costs of all suppliers that i made a purchase. You can also click that history and it will open the purchase order. My question is, is there the same feature in loyverse or is there a workaround for this? I can only see the cost average. Thank you in advance Zaldy

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