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  1. Hello, Unfortunately, there is no way to recover an open ticket if you have voided it. I suggest you to add this request to Feature request section (https://loyverse.town/forum/29-feature-requests/) and maybe this feature will be added in the future. Best
  2. sidorela

    Ventas Gravables

    Hola Silvia, Las ventas gravables son las ventas totales de bienes imponibles (artículos a los que ha aplicado un impuesto) Las ventas no gravables son las ventas totales de bienes no imponibles (artículos a los que no ha aplicado ningún impuesto)
  3. Hello, If you use the add-on Advanced Inventory, you can add suppliers to the system ( https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-purchase-orders-and-suppliers) You can add the suppliers from the Back-office->Advanced Inventory section-> Suppliers-> Add suppliers. Fill in the information and Save your supplier. When you have an active subscription for Advanced Inventory, in the card of items to which you have switched on the option “Track Stock” you will see the two additional fields: -Primary Supplier-you can assign a c
  4. Hello, It is not possible to choose a specific customer from the customer base to be part of the Loyalty system. When you set up a loyalty program, all your registered customers (customers you have added to your customer base) will earn a certain percentage (that you have set up in your Back-office->Settings-> Loyalty) of the total amount spent on a purchase as loyalty points. You can check out this help article for more information about the Loyalty program: https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-customer-loyalty-program You can add your suggestion to the Feature reques
  5. Hello Celita, Unfortunately, such option is currently unavailable.
  6. A composite item is a unique item with its own SKU and description. When you add a composite item to a ticket, it is not possible to distinguish between its components, so it would not be possible to send the different components to be printed separately.
  7. Hello, If you have multiple stores, you have to activate the ‘Predefined open tickets’ feature for each store separately if you want to use it in that store. You can make a separate set of tickets for each store. To do this, choose the store from the drop-down list, activate the option “Use predefined open tickets”, add the set of predefined open tickets and Save the changes. You can learn more information in this link: https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-use-predefined-open-tickets
  8. Hello, You can restrict your employees to apply discount with restricted access if you use Employee Management. First, you have to create the discount/discounts with restricted access or, if you have already created your discounts and want them to have restricted access, make sure you have activated the option: Restricted access in the Discount's card. Then, you need to manage the access rights of your employee so they can not apply this discount with restricted access during sale. To do so, you have to g
  9. Hello, It is not possible to set the Loyalty points only for specific items in your account. Loyalty program, when activated, is applied to every item. Your registered customer will earn a certain percentage (that you have set up in your Back-office->Settings-> Loyalty) of the total amount spent on a purchase as loyalty points. You can then (when the customer desires) redeem this points to give your customer a discount. You can check more information about Loyalty program here: https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-customer-loyalty-program and about redeeming Loyalty poin
  10. Hello, Yes, it is possible to edit an existing timecard or add manually a new employee timecard from your Back-office. To do this you have to go to your Back-office-> Employees’s section-> Timecards. At the ‘Timecards’ section you can see the list of timecards for the chosen period . You can correct the current timecard by clicking on it, make the wanted changes and press the Save button.
  11. Hello, You can change the email of your employees from your Back-office-> Employees section-> Employee list. Open the profile of the employee you want to edit, change the email and Save the changes. If the employees has access to the Back-office or has the access right to enter the app with his own email, he will receive again an invitation email to the new email address to create his/her account linked to your account. If you change the
  12. Hello, You can use predefined open tickets to add table numbers to kitchen orders. I suggest you to read this tutorial on how to use this feature :https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-use-predefined-open-tickets
  13. Hello Sam, To use Dining options you must first activate this feature in your Back-office-> Settings->General-> Dining options After activated and configured your dining options ( you can read a detailed explanation about configuring Dining options in this link: https://help.loyverse.com/help/dining-options you can use then during sales. During sales, at the ticket (or open ticket) you can see dining options line with the default option. If you tap on this line, you can see the d
  14. Hi Suzan, The Customer Loyalty Program is the same for all stores under the same account. It is not possible to set up different percentage for different stores while setting up the Loyalty program. The percentage of the purchase amount that will be credited to the points account of your customers will be the same for all your stores under your account. But you can put your suggestion to have different Loyalty programs for different stores under the same account in Feature request section: https://loyverse.town/forum/29-feature-reques
  15. Hello, This happens when you have used the option Split payment for this receipt and the customer has paid a part of the total payment with cash and the other part with card. So the receipt in total was paid by two payment types that you can see these in the report. To verify you can look up for the receipt in your Back-office-> Receipt section and you will see there that the details. It would look something like this: You can learn more about "Split payment" feature in this li

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