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  1. What kind of paper is used for receipts?
  2. I think it will take a lot of time, and there are many factors to consider.
  3. What do you think how many employees should a restaurant have?
  4. Format: Hex $1D $4C nL nH ASCII GL L nL nH Decimal 27 76 nL nH In standard mode, sets the left margin to [(nL + (nH × 256)) × (horizontal motion unit)] from the left edge of the printable area. Uses Two Byte Number Definitions. This command is enabled only when processed at the beginning of a line. (When the current line is empty) This command applies the justification within the area set by Left Margin and Print Area Width This command will justify all data in the printing area such as characters, graphics, bit images, bar code and
  5. Hi! Try searching for drivers for your printer on the manufacturer’s website.
    A great App for your cash register. You'll use it with any of your Android or iOS devices. The best free application, thank you
  6. grid layout is only possible for tablets for Android and iOS devices
  7. What is the difference between a paid plan and a free one in Loyverse POS?
  8. If I have 10 cashiers, how best to train them to work with the product. In addition, they are in different stores. Share your experience, I will be grateful.
  9. How to start trial period for Employee management? How can I do everything right?
  10. Como elimino los valores y ticket que hice para el probar. Gracias por la respuesta

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